Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I Dislike Numbered Wine Rating Systems

Here is an example of why I dislike numbered rating systems. Here is a description for a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc that was rated 89 which is a great score for a $12 wine:

"Oceanic and mildly green on the nose, with grassy notes and appealing citrusy scents. The palate is juicy, crisp and zesty, with flavors of fresh lettuce, lime and green herbs. Finishes light and pretty." - Wine Enthusiast

Now, if I just saw the score I'd probably pick up the bottle. However there isn't much that is appealing to me in the description. I've never seen oceanic in tasting notes before, but it brings to mind a salty drying seaweed smell which isn't very appetizing to me. I'm also not into grassy, green flavors in my wines, but I do know that some people like them so I can't really fault that. I haven't tasted this so I can't tell you the structure or the finish, but at 89 with those flavors they better be phenomenal!


  1. I agree that oceanic sounds kind of gross, in a wine. And reducing anything to a single number loses a lot of information about what you're rating. On the other hand, if it's rated 89, maybe it's worth the $12 to see what, exactly, an oceanic wine is like!

  2. That is a good point. It might be good with oysters.