Saturday, June 23, 2012

Symphony of the Soil

Symphony of the Soil is a very informative documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia (producer and director of The Future of Food).  It features breathtaking cinematography and lots of information.  The film teaches us about soil.  It tells us of the dire state of farms across our nation and the world as well as the history of how they got into this mess.  The documentary then informs us of ways to restore the soil.  What I really like is the uplifting message of how easy it is to reverse the trends.  By using compost to build the soil and other cost effective methods it is possible to create sustainable agriculture relatively quickly in both community gardens and large scale farms.  There are numerous cases featured in the doc.

I find that many food and environmental documentaries are so bleak.  What I really like about this film is the message that yes things are fucked and if we keep going in that direction no good will come from it (other than short term profits), but there is hope and it is quite easy to remedy this situation.  Not only is it possible, but many people are already doing it and it is a growing trend.  :)

I highly recommend this film to everyone, especially farmers, soil scientists, and everyone who cares about the safety of their nation's (or family's) food supply!

What farming/food documentaries are your favorites?

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