Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Haywood Estate

The second winery we went to on Sonoma Square was Haywood Estate. The tasting room was a little on the dark side. The lady behind the large wooden counter was quite friendly. The tasting bar can comfortably stand about 6 people without squishing or standing two rows deep. When we went in we were the only ones in and just as we were leaving a group of six came in. Perfect timing :)

Since my friend that I went with only drinks whites and they only offer a Chardonnay we didn't do the full line up.  I only tasted the 2008 Primitivo ($35) from Sonoma Valley which was quite excellent. For those that don't know, Primitivo is very similar to Zinfandel in flavor and appearance. The most noticeable difference is the grape cluster of Primitivo is one long shaft where as the Zin has three clusters with two small wings and a long cluster in the middle.

The nose featured both rich earthy notes as well as a hint of dusty earth with aromas of dried cherries and red fruit cobbler. This wine has great mouth feel as smooth and sultry tannins envelope the tongue and flavors of fresh cherries, sweet tobacco, and hints of black peppercorns dance around. The wine is well balanced at 14.4% alc. There are distinct notes of white pepper and leather on the finish.

The next time I go to the square I will definitely have to have their full line up of reds.


  1. Brian,

    Enjoyed your review on Haywood's Primitivo and your experience at their tasting room. I have been a longtime Haywood wine club member but haven't had a chance to visit their new tasting room yet on the Sonoma Plaza. My favorite of Haywood's wine is their 2007 Morning Sun. If you haven't had a chance to try should. It's a great value too at $35 a bottle and you can purchase it on their website:

    I enjoy your blog - keep up the good work! Hope to see more on Sonoma wines in the future.

    Nicole Lauzon

  2. Thank you Nicole!

    I'm based out of Marin so there will definitely be more Sonoma wineries in the future.