Monday, February 20, 2012

Ruthless - First beer review

I'm usually not a big fan of Sierra Nevada, but their Ruthless Rye IPA is amazing.  It tastes a little weedy without being skunky.  The high hop load imparts a nice pine and grapefruit flavors.  The rye imparts some different flavors and a delightful thick dirtiness versus the average IPA that is crisp and clean kind of like a burlesque dancer compared with a model.  Between the hops and the 6.6% alc by vol, it doesn't take more than one after a 12 hour work day to put me to bed.  So if you like IPAs and bold flavors you need to try this delicious brew.

P.S. For as refined as my wine palate is, my beer palate isn't.  Even though I've had far more beer (mostly microbrews) than wine, I seem to usually just enjoy beer versus dissecting wine.  Maybe if I had worked in a brewery it would be the opposite.

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